Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dressing Up for An Interview?

Then here are a few tips that the writer would like to suggest to you in getting you ready for that interview!

1. What you wear depends on the position you are seeking for. You have to dress the part! If you are working as a clerk, dress properly, and not as if you have just dropped by the mall with your jeans and tops. What you look like during the interview, it matters.

2. Find out something about the company you are applying for. If they have dress codes, maybe you can follow, so you can suit your fashion according to their company culture. 

3. Smart casual is usually the safest fashion, do not wear too formal, or too informal or too hip or too conservative. Yung sakto lang. One thing that's important, match your clothes to your shoes. They may not be able to see what shoes you wear, but it helps that you wear comfortable footwear, but not slippers. 

4. When you wear something for the interview, remember that you are not presenting yourself for a date, nor a gimmick, nor a prom, you are presenting yourself for a job that might give you a career, more so a future. 

5. Do not wear too much bling-blings. Wearing too many jewelries might give the interviewer the notion that you do not need a job, at all because you are too rich for the work you are applying for.

6. Spray little perfume, not the type that would trigger asthma to the one interviewing you or the people you would brush shoulders with. Simple and fragnant is good. But not too fragrant.

7. Simple is beautiful! Always remember this. This could be your ticker to a very good career!