Saturday, February 18, 2012

In Finding a Career, The Youth MUST Listen

It is not because those people who always want to have a word with the youth are almost older than them, rather is the fact that because they are young, they must listen because older people say the right things. But the youth must listen because they need to.

In finding a career, it is not your family or your friends who will be benefited by your decisions, rather, it is generally only you and secondarily, the people who love you.

The youth must listen when people senior to them say how hard it is to earn money, because it is true. When they say you need to find a good job that you will love, the youth must listen because they say it based on experience.

Finding a career is not a joke, nor is it a pressure placed on the youth's shoulder. Rather, it is a measure, a fight in teaching you how you can survive life. It is a measure of how far you can go against the race that is set before you in order to survive.

I know of a lot of young people who stopped schooling because their parents are rich, but their parents are not noveau-rich therefore they still have to survive the trials that come their way most especially financially. Those who were not firm with their decisions in finishing school are no longer very happy with their lives. Some have children at a young age, some are nowhere to be found, some still take pity from their parents. But there are of course, some who have managed to get by. They are those who, even without finishing school, know what to do, where they will go, because they listened.

Remember, what the parents and elder people tell you mostly come from their experiences and they are directed to you because of the concern they have on you, not wanting you to get to the other side of the road without looking at both sides.

True, some people telling you this and that may not be good counselors, you may not want to listen to them because they insist upon you what they want you to become, not what you really want and what will make you happy. But listen, anyway.

The best way to gather more insights about life is to listen, there may not be perfect suggestions, recommendations or views, but you have to listen so you can hear the perfect choices in your career. Listen.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finding a Career? Know the Four Categories of Skills

People Skills - They are people who love to work with people, serving people, helping people, influencing, thinking, acting, entertaining, and even mingling with people. They are skills which include communications, and a lot of knowing different kinds of people and reading through their minds. People Skills get careers like customer service representatives, entertainers, restaurateurs, hotel managers and waiters, hotel staff and the likes...

Data Skills - They are skills which have to do with numbers, facts, records, files, details, systems, process and more on the technical side. If you think you are good with these skills, be an engineer or a statistician or a career that is connected with science.

Thing Skills - Those that have to do with things. Some people have these kinds of skills which has to do with tweaking machinery, physical or biological, carpentry, welding, artists, sculptures and things like that.

Idea Skills - These are skills that have to do with ideas, problem solving, thinking, project proposals and education.

Some people may have one of these skills, some people may combine two, e.g People skills and Data Skills, or any combination of these 4, but there are just people who are gifted all of these kinds of skills.

Knowing what your skills are will guide you to know what career you are supposed to take. Following that path means following your passion and becoming good in what you are gifted with.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Know What You Have to Get the Best Career

Knowing what you have got is to know what skills you have, what interests, motivations and goals, dreams, ambitions and qualities you have.

What are your skills? Know what you can do, what things are you capable of doing?

What drives you? What will make you do your best? How can you do it? What can make you shine? What drives you to give your best?

What do you aim for life? These are your dreams, ambitions, what you would like to do and what do want to achieve in life.

What kind of career best suits you?

Know your total package!

Knowing what qualities you have, what you can do and what you want to achieve will be a good way of knowing yourself even more so you can market yourself more when applying for a job. Job interviews almost always ask for what you can do when hired for the job, therefore, you are supposed to know what to answer these questions should they arise during your job applications.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Know Where You Have Been

In finding a good career path, you must answer questions that you alone can provide. You must be able to talk about your past, face it with confidence and if you have struggles in the past, must understand the reasons why you have had those struggles.

This is because if you are searching for the right career, you must understand yourself, what you want and how you want to do it.

Here are some tips to answer life's rigid questions most especially in your search for the best career path.

1. List down the reasons for your struggles. If you have stopped schooling, list down the reasons why you have stopped schooling. Be honest with yourself because being honest with yourself is the only way you can be honest with other people too.

2. Explain what happened in your past. You should know your script. Explain how you have used your time, what is the reason for looking for work, and why you want that work.

3. Your script must be memorized. It is a must that you have clear points. In your quest for a career, there will come a time that this script will be used in interviews and your search for the job. Your script is your life, and from this script will be your inspiration why you want this certain career.

In your search for a career, knowing where you have been will make you thinking really seriously if the career you are treading is the right path for you, and if that kind of job is the way you have dreamed your career to be.

Understanding "Career"

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Career, what is it?

The dictionary defines career as this:

An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.
But you can never say that your present work is your career because there are careers other than your work. Some mothers consider mothering as a career but they are not paid to do it but because they have been living that for years and they love it. Career to a mother means a significant day to day job even if does not receive any remuneration for what she does.

As a young professional, a career is actually a choice of what you perceive to do when you graduate from school. Some choose to be a doctor and some choose to become lawyers thus paving way to subjects leading them to becoming lawyers. Some like number and they choose to get college diplomas leading them to become Certified Public Accountants.

You see, a career is something you love doing, and it must be something you have been enjoying doing for a significant time. Some define a career as a course of progress in a life, and I believe it is so. If one gets to progress because of a certain job, then that means a career.

There are so many careers, and as a young jobseeker, you need to check your choices and what you really want to get the career you really want.

What to do?

Ask yourself what you really want, what work will make you happy, and what your expectations are when you get to it. If you are happy with your answers, then taking a course leading to that job you want will mean a career for you. You only have to choose well!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Career Guidance for Young Professionals

There are a lot of opportunities for our Filipino youth. Some may say there are no jobs for the young professionals, but fret now, we have a lot and Department of Labor and Employment's logo of More Than Jobs says it all. There are abundant career choices, here and abroad.

But yes, despite these multiple opportunities, most Filipinos still do not have jobs because there is a high incidence of unemployment among our youth.

There are times when we see long lines of applicants looking for a job and only to be rejected after the interview. We still wonder why there are more classified ads on the newspapers and dailies, and yet, why the clamor for the lack of jobs?

Well, unemployment does not mean the lack of jobs but it may be the result of a job and skills mismatch, inappropriate job skills and the lack of qualifications so to speak.

This career guide is for our young professionals. This will help the young professionals, even the out of school youths, young Filipino jobseekers, and even our unemployed adults to look for the perfect career they will have to tread.

In this blog, I will be posting tips on career guidance, tips for looking for a job, interview tips, and even business tips for the young businessmen of our country. Please visit this blog for more of your career guidance tips and for other guides for the young jobseekers to sell themselves to employers.

I myself, had a long journey to looking for a PERFECT CAREER, but when it came, I knew it was the best for me.

Please share this blog to everyone!