Friday, February 3, 2012

Career Guidance for Young Professionals

There are a lot of opportunities for our Filipino youth. Some may say there are no jobs for the young professionals, but fret now, we have a lot and Department of Labor and Employment's logo of More Than Jobs says it all. There are abundant career choices, here and abroad.

But yes, despite these multiple opportunities, most Filipinos still do not have jobs because there is a high incidence of unemployment among our youth.

There are times when we see long lines of applicants looking for a job and only to be rejected after the interview. We still wonder why there are more classified ads on the newspapers and dailies, and yet, why the clamor for the lack of jobs?

Well, unemployment does not mean the lack of jobs but it may be the result of a job and skills mismatch, inappropriate job skills and the lack of qualifications so to speak.

This career guide is for our young professionals. This will help the young professionals, even the out of school youths, young Filipino jobseekers, and even our unemployed adults to look for the perfect career they will have to tread.

In this blog, I will be posting tips on career guidance, tips for looking for a job, interview tips, and even business tips for the young businessmen of our country. Please visit this blog for more of your career guidance tips and for other guides for the young jobseekers to sell themselves to employers.

I myself, had a long journey to looking for a PERFECT CAREER, but when it came, I knew it was the best for me.

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  1. If I'm not mistaken you're connected with DOLE, right?

    I believe with your expertise in career, including information on job opportunities, you'll be able to share good inputs to our young professionals.

    Keep it up Sheng :)

  2. Thanks ian, I hope this new blog will help young professionals in their quest for a good career. thanks.