Saturday, February 4, 2012

Know Where You Have Been

In finding a good career path, you must answer questions that you alone can provide. You must be able to talk about your past, face it with confidence and if you have struggles in the past, must understand the reasons why you have had those struggles.

This is because if you are searching for the right career, you must understand yourself, what you want and how you want to do it.

Here are some tips to answer life's rigid questions most especially in your search for the best career path.

1. List down the reasons for your struggles. If you have stopped schooling, list down the reasons why you have stopped schooling. Be honest with yourself because being honest with yourself is the only way you can be honest with other people too.

2. Explain what happened in your past. You should know your script. Explain how you have used your time, what is the reason for looking for work, and why you want that work.

3. Your script must be memorized. It is a must that you have clear points. In your quest for a career, there will come a time that this script will be used in interviews and your search for the job. Your script is your life, and from this script will be your inspiration why you want this certain career.

In your search for a career, knowing where you have been will make you thinking really seriously if the career you are treading is the right path for you, and if that kind of job is the way you have dreamed your career to be.


  1. @june raye: You are welcome, there will be more, i promise you!