Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finding a Career? Know the Four Categories of Skills

People Skills - They are people who love to work with people, serving people, helping people, influencing, thinking, acting, entertaining, and even mingling with people. They are skills which include communications, and a lot of knowing different kinds of people and reading through their minds. People Skills get careers like customer service representatives, entertainers, restaurateurs, hotel managers and waiters, hotel staff and the likes...

Data Skills - They are skills which have to do with numbers, facts, records, files, details, systems, process and more on the technical side. If you think you are good with these skills, be an engineer or a statistician or a career that is connected with science.

Thing Skills - Those that have to do with things. Some people have these kinds of skills which has to do with tweaking machinery, physical or biological, carpentry, welding, artists, sculptures and things like that.

Idea Skills - These are skills that have to do with ideas, problem solving, thinking, project proposals and education.

Some people may have one of these skills, some people may combine two, e.g People skills and Data Skills, or any combination of these 4, but there are just people who are gifted all of these kinds of skills.

Knowing what your skills are will guide you to know what career you are supposed to take. Following that path means following your passion and becoming good in what you are gifted with.

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