Monday, April 23, 2012

Basic Tips Before a Job Interview

 Here are some basic tips you need to remind yourself before facing an interview.

1. Come early. This will make you catch your breath, provide time for you to comb your hair, go to the powder room, or even to double check if you are wearing the proper pair of shoes. If you come early to an interview, you have enough time to assess yourself if you are physically, emotionally and mentally focused. If you think you are not, you still have time to pray and calm yourself.

2. Come prepared. You must come, armed with the proper information that you think may be asked during the said interview. be ready with your scripts, your answers and your questions.

3. Be calm. Do not be stressed nor be jittery in facing the interviewer. if you are not relaxed, this may mean tension on your part, thus, you may forget some important things you need to tell the person you are talking to.

4.Focus. It is a  must that you know what you are going to face. If you are not relaxed and focused, the tendency is for you to worry about the outcome of the interview and in the end, you will find yourself reviewing your answers. However, of course, it will be too late.

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  1. thanks for this site! very helpful especially for me fresh college graduate :)