Monday, June 17, 2013

Appreciating People, Make it a Habit

If only we understand how precious our relationship with other people are, we would find it in our hearts to appreciate their existence.

Just like our bosses, our employees and the people surrounding us in our workplaces, they make life a little more meaningful. They may be hard to understand at times, but there are times they make life a little easier for us all. 

However we make of them in our lives, they deserve respect and appreciation if they do well. A tap in the shoulder, a "Good Job", a smile, or a note to tell them you appreciate them in their deeds are enough to make their hearts melt for a while, and to inspire them to do better the next time.

Sometimes though we fall short of these things, maybe because of the busy schedule we have that we do not care less, but what matters most is letting them know how much you appreciate what they have done, or you have concern for them in the manner of correction to make them well.

Not only is this post for bosses but as well as employees who are in their chosen careers. Appreciate people, who knows how much they need it the moment you do!


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